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The Platform

Although Markham-Thornhill is a beautiful area, there are local issues that you may concern, as we do. MPs might not be able to help you directly, your MP can advocate the Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and the regional government to address your concerns.

Highway 7 Thornhill


Effective Transit

Mimi Lee aimed for a swift transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

  • Invest in efficient, sustainable (low-carbon) mass transit to improve traffic flow and reduce gridlock & fossil fuel

  • Incentives for people to use electric vehicles

  • Stop fossil fuel and oil industry subsidies

With these, we can achieve:

  • Less traffic jam

  • A safer community - less traffic accidents

  • Increase accessibility to seniors and disabled persons

Photo from the star.


Immigrants' Integration

Foreign experience not recognized by local corporations, making immigrants unable to contribute the society to the full.

Many of us are immigrants, and Markham-Thornhill consists of many visible minorities.


We aim for a revamp of education credential assessment (ECA) system that span across, standardize and line up the IRCC, government, universities and employers.

Image by Ali Tayyebi



Health Enhancement

Everyone should be able to live with dignity, regardless of age and health conditions

Canadians, especially seniors and youths, need a more comprehensive healthcare solution.

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