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Global affairs

Besides local affairs in Markham, Mimi Lee's global vision and passion in human rights motivated her actively involved in global affairs with the House of Commons.


No compromise on Human Rights

Uplifted Youth

Canada should stand firm on human rights. Stop relying on China. Protect the vulnerables internationally.


Recover our economy and make it stronger

Open for Business

Rebuild Canada's domestic demand and production, create a strong and sustainable GDP model.

Petitions at the Parliament

Mimi Lee had initiated petitions on the House of Common platform with the sponsorships of Members of Parliament from opposition political parties including both Conservatives and NDP. Able and willing to work across the party line is one of the ways Mimi shows her commitment in serving Canadians.

Petition includes:

e-3293 (March 2021)

In concern with Canadian's immigration information leaking to foreign governments, the petition calls for the revoke of the contract to outsource our visa application centre services to VFS Global (a state-owned Chinese company)


We now realize that the Canadian government has offered an extension of the contract to VFS Global, Mimi is working closely with the sponsor MP of this petition, Jenny Kwan, on this issue.

e-3094 (Jan 2021)

In response to the pandemic, Canadians see how much dependency we have on other countries on essential goods. The petition calls for the Canadian government to ensure Canada rebuilds our manufacturing base for essential goods and focuses on policies to do trade and build partnerships with democratic countries and allies.


The petition was presented on March 24, 2021 and the Government of Canada had responded.

e-2835 (Sept 2020)

Growing concerns are seen in Canada regarding foreign influence, the petition calls for the Canadian government to review and implement legislation to counter foreign interference and influence.


This petition has moved forward as a motion M-55 Foreign State-backed interference and intimidation


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