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The Platform

Our beautiful country needs national policies to maintain its intricate and scenic environment, its fairness between individuals and to serve the people. National policies also help to maintain our country's competitiveness, build your wealth and take care of your health.

Stay strong in freedom

Canada should untangle ourselves from relying on countries that violate International Human Rights Law.

And our government should give as much assistance as we can, to the victims of human rights suppression.




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COVID Recovery

We cannot deny that COVID has hit us hard in both economy and everyone's life.

Small businesses and young entrepreneurs need assistance, not only financially, to help them to revive and stay even stronger. 

Social justice for Canadians

  • Partner with Indigenous Canadians for environmentally sustainable extraction and refining of critical materials for green technologies

  • Increase immigration levels to grow the economy and allow family reunification

  • Strong stance on human rights to support the many Canadians who have come from countries which violate human rights

These, together, can create a fair and sustainable economy, and equity among all Canadians.

Indigenous Woman


Social Justice
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Human trafficking

It may sound distant to most of us, however victims of human trafficking are all around us.

In 2021, reported human trafficking in the York Region has raised to 295 cases. The national cases are rising over the past five years. Sex trafficking is not an unfamiliar issue to the York Region Police, too. 

Human rights is one of the biggest concerns of Team Mimi Lee, our goal is to bring down the national and provincial human trafficking numbers, and assist victims to live a normal life.

Electoral reform

Canada's current electoral system is a "first past the post" (FPTP) system. The candidate with the most votes in a riding wins a seat in the House of Commons and represents that riding as its MP. FPTP in Canada is responsible for electing a number of false majority governments. A false majority government occurs when a Party holds the majority of seats in the House of Commons but didn’t win 50% the popular vote in the election....

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