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Why the Green Party of Canada?

If you want to see real changes, Green is the way to go.

Image by Brett Jordan

A party that keeps listening and evolving 

The Greens have a policy book that gives members the power to make changes. Members can submit a policy idea that may get voted in as actual policy, which means, individuals can make changes if they have the passion to pursue it. This is much different from other parties, where policies are usually put forward by the caucus of the party.

Where there are elected Greens - whether it's one, two or many, there is hope.

Mimi has submitted a policy on Chinese relations to the party, which is currently being reviewed and will later be voted on by members, to see if it is adopted as party policy.


All Greens have their own views

Unlike other major parties, the Green Party of Canada does not whip their MPs to vote together on the same side on any issue. It allows all Green MP and MPP to have the freedom to truly represent the constituents of each riding.

Read the story about how important MP's and MPP's individual views and votes are important to you.

Image by Julia Caesar

It is time for a new culture in politics, it is time for a true spirit of collaboration and inclusion.

The Green Party of Canada is a part of The Global Greens - a partnership of the world’s Green parties and political movements, working cooperatively to implement the Global Greens Charter.

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