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Become a Youth Volunteer

Grow in teamworks. Let your talent shine.

Men Volunteering

Volunteering to Green Party's Markham-Thornhill campaign is now open for application

The Ontario Ministry of Education requires that each student complete 40 hours of volunteer activities in the community in order to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students can begin accumulating these hours as of July 1 after they finish grade 8.

If you are grade 11 or above, we welcome you to be a part of us.

If you are a university student with experiences, you may apply for leadership roles.

Working adult are welcome to participate and lead, too.

Crowd Cheering


All you need to have to become a volunteer is passion and agree to our objectives to make the community a better place.


Volunteer: Grade 11 or above

Volunteer leaders: Undergraduate year-2 or above

Adults: no age limit, passion required :)


Benefits of being a Green Party Volunteer

Besides rewarding the community, there are tons of benefits for being a volunteer in Green Party.

  • Ontario-recognized volunteering certificate

  • Acquire teamwork skills and leadership skill sets

  • Networking opportunities

  • Career opportunities

  • Express your talent

  • Learn to commit

  • Ability to influence

  • Emotional upgrade

  • Future opportunities to become Green Party's officials

...... and a lot more.

GPC Youth Volunteers

Apply to become Green Party: Markham-Thornhill Youth Volunteer


 (for leadership positions only)

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