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About Mimi Lee

Mimi Lee is a multitasker - we also call it "slash".

She is a Social Influencer / Financial Advisor / Officiant / Human rights activist / Mentor at TIREC / UX Designer / Author / Publisher / Photographer, and she had participated in the 44th Canadian Federal Election for Markham-Thornhill MP on behalf of the Green Party of Canada.

Mimi is an energetic person, when she got an objective, she can stay up for a long time, never stop until it's completed. This passionate and persistence character is one of the reasons you have to choose her as your MP. Once she finds something she can help you, "I can do this all day" will pop up in her head!

For our country. For your community.

Mimi Lee - Fighting for you, never stop.

Art and Culture Support


Mimi Lee is not only a fan of cultures, she supports the local and international art and culture circle in action. Here are some of the cultural and arts events that Mimi had supported / sponsored. 


The drawing on the left is a masterpiece of an artist that support anti-human trafficking. Mimi Lee actively involved in supporting local and foreign artists that supports human rights and anti-human trafficking. 

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