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Checking Blood Pressure


Your Health Needs Real Care

Everyone should be able to live with dignity, regardless of age and health conditions

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the biggest concerns that Mimi sees as important as you do. She believes there are workable solutions available to give every Canadian a more comprehensive solution.

Doctor with Files

Is OHIP coverage enough?

Is Ontario's healthcare system up-to-date?

The Ontario Healthcare System is actually decades old

The last and current sitting governments' omission of the long expired Canadian Health Accord has to be addressed and enhanced to ensure we have a functional healthcare system nationwide.

Annual Check-up

Everyone Should Live with Dignity

Mimi’s vision is to advocate the Federal Government to face the health-dignity problem of Canadians.


By allocating adequate resources to provinces and territories, provincial governments can include dental and mental healthcare, together with hearing aids for seniors into our provincial health coverage.

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