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What do Members of Parliament do?

What should I expect from my MP?

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The major duties of an MP

MPs and their teams are advocates for residents dealing with all kinds of federal issues including taxation, immigration and citizenship, veterans affairs, Service Canada, border control, federal laws etc.

The federal government sets national standards that the provinces have to follow - in particular, healthcare etc. The Feds are the taxing authority and transfer funds to the provinces for a wide range of issues. 

Do MPs care about local issues?

MPs help set policies on all of the national issues, so while MPs don’t clear the sidewalks of snow or deal with provincial welfare, there are lots of issues and policies that MPs are responsible for that people need help or changes with.

That said, MPs have their offices in the community, and your community's MP should set aside time to listen to the locals. MPs might not be able to help you directly, but your localMP can advocate the Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and the regional government to address your concerns.

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MP Candidate - Mimi Lee's commitments

Mimi Lee is the MP Candidate of the Green Party of Canada in the Markham-Thornhill area (riding). As your MP-to-be, Mimi Lee is committed to stay focused and listen to your concerns, work closely with the provincial, regional and the municipal levels to get your issues addressed.

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