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Let's Embrace & Elevate

It is not only a slogan

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It is all about being "Together"

Let's Embrace & Elevate, is more than a slogan or a creed. It's a vision, and a belief, that, when Canadians are together, embracing each other, we can overcome any situations and obstacles, and become even stronger, and that is "elevate".

And, of course, the first letter of each word in the statement resemble Mimi's last name - LEE.


To accept something enthusiastically

Those are the topics that are important to Canadians' values, rights, dignity, culture and our future - the youth.

What do we Embrace?



To raise something or lift something up.

Those are the topics that can bring Canadian to another level, and support what we Embrace.

What are we going to Elevate?

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