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Foreign experience not recognized by local corporations, making immigrants unable to contribute the society to the full.

To ensure that all immigrants get the opportunity to make full use of their qualifications once they arrive in Canada. This can be the generation of people in Canada who finally say to each other that we can and will live with dignity.


Many of us are immigrants, and Markham-Thornhill consists of many visible minorities. The Canadian immigration policy has been established for more than 30 years. For the longest time, the policy focuses to fill in the gap of our manpower needs and development. The eligibility of being Canadian immigrants based on various criteria, including their backgrounds, qualifications, and so forth.


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The Difficulties in Settling Down

Many newcomers chose to settle in Markham-Thornhill once they arrived, however, many could not integrate into our country as expected because integration services were never available effectively nor easily accessed. Newcomers have not been contributing their expertise effectively and efficiently as desired.

Indeed, newcomers face various difficulties which create a vicious cycle in our communities and country. Many of them possessed professional qualifications and abundant experiences from their countries of origin. Many of these assets are not recognized and accepted by local businesses and professional bodies, even though those were what the immigration department based on; in turn, they were advised that they should start from zero for nearly everything. This leads to enormous consequences also detrimental to our country in different aspects.

Things that affect generations

For those who accept to start from zero, their income earnings in Canada are usually far lower than what they earned in their countries of origin. As a result, affecting Canada’s GDP and further deteriorating the competitiveness of our international status. At the same time, it also decreases the tax revenue of our Government. The worse thing is: this does not merely affect the first generation of the newcomers, also influences the next and future generations of these families. Their children/ next generation also affect by this change, they adapt to the new environment and the lower living standard due to markedly reduction of the family incomes. With these dramatic changes, they may become angry and/ or depressed, which further induces the increasing utilization of our medical and social supports system such as psychological consultation services, official subsidies, as well as educational supports.  

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Becoming a national problem

Some of them choose to leave Canada once they get their citizenship, return until they retired from their countries of origin. That increases the burden of the social support and health care system on our country since we have obligation to provide quality support to every citizen, and we have no issues on that. However, we had lost the tax revenue from those who had been gone away and worked in their countries of origin, which they could have been stayed in Canada.

Based on the above phenomenon, it is time to revamp and revise the policy and integration supports applied to newcomers. This is not limited to revise the accreditation system of academic qualifications and working experiences of newcomers, also including revamp the structure of our Government departments, educational institutes, and social supporting organizations to integrate the knowledge and experiences of the newcomers which provide synergy effects to our country.

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