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Help the Youth. The world's future.

Although Canada has announced multiple immigration initiatives that will attract students and youth from Hong Kong to Canada by offering a new open work permit and broadening their pathways to permanent residency, there are little measures for the youths who are still in Hong Kong to come to Canada.


Do note that many youths are being suppressed by the HKSAR government, some of them even got disowned by their families due to the different stand in political viewpoints.

Mimi Lee and the Green government will launch a stronger support to the youth in Hong Kong, including:

  • Speed up IRCC's approval on Hong Kongers' application for those under the age of 30 and has been charged or prosecuted due to peaceful protest

  • Waive and lift these youths' criminal records related to protest

  • Provide integration support, and education support and financial aids to these Hong Kong youths to settle in Canada



Photo by The Times

Warehouse Workers


Reinforce Made in Canada

Canada should untangle ourselves from trading with, reduce economic dependency from, and implement multilateral restrictive measures against authoritarian states, where there is strong evidence confirming constant violations of International Human Rights Law (IHRL).


Redeveloping and rebuilding our manufacturing base and supply chain help us to reduce dependency on essential goods from abroad

Mimi Lee will introduce subsidies for local companies to rebuild our supply chain, and aimed to bring Made in Canada to contribute more to Canada's GDP in terms of domestic consumption and export. Strengthening these are the only ways to create a sustainable economy.

Made in Canada

Trade only with true democratic countries

The government of Canada should cease all contracts with Chinese companies (which are all state-owned) and linked firms, given national security concerns.


We should focus on developing policies to do trade and build partnerships only with democratic countries and allies. 

Business Meeting



Image by Silvestri Matteo


Protect Canada's values

Concerns on foreign forces’ increasing control in the media propaganda, especially certain international-languages media, specifically in the last few years, CRTC’s lack of policy to regulate “small” broadcasters (less than 200,000 subscribers) helps foreign countries’ propaganda and control over the narratives of these media. Realizing multiculturalism in Canada results in the birth of many “small” broadcasters over the years, they can continue to get away from licensing by staying “small”.

Canada should also avoid foreign influences by making sure international languages and “cultural” courses are not being used as instilling propaganda to second generations of Canadian immigrants.

Canadian Values
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