Mimi Lee | 44th Parliamentary Candidate, Green Party of Canada



Mimi Lee might be a freshman in politics, but she and her team is never fresh in community services, human rights and equity issues. Mimi Lee is actively advocating human rights in Canada in many ways. She is now officially the MP candidate of the Green Party of Canada in the Markham-Thornhill riding for the upcoming federal election. 

Mimi and her team are strongly connected with government offices, community organizations, and notable people, her influence and works can be seen in many.


We seek diversification and inclusion, equal opportunities should be attainable to everyone including housing, jobs, education and healthcare.


Our Mission

To advocate for equity and inclusion, and to solve community concerns with public policies that connect every group and the people in need, at the same time improve the living quality of the community.


Mimi Lee's Short Videos

Markham-Thornhill MP Candidate -  Platform in motion