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We stay strong, together - this is the Green Party of Canada

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The Green Party of Canada - We stay strong together.
We stay strong, together.

Markham, ON, June 15, 2021

In response to former Green Party MP for Fredericton NB, Jenica Atwin, crossing the floor to join the Liberal Party of Canada caucus, Mimi Lee, the Markham-Thornhill Green Party MP candidate of the Green Party of Canada, has the following viewpoint:

While the Green Party of Canada continues to stand for non-violence and peaceful mediation by both sides in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Liberals seized upon the chance to sow division within the Green Party.

Unlike the Liberal Party, which lacks the vision of long-term environmental planning, the Green Party cultivates the notion of sustainability with an emphasis on our local communities. We do not pursue a big, centralized government approach with giant infrastructure projects or big footprint projects as always glorified by the Liberals.

Aligned with the Green Party, Mimi Lee adheres to the principle of affordability of our natural resources for all, as we oppose Trudeau’s misappropriate use of taxpayer money to bail out corporations and other power brokers for their bad investments and abuse of the environment.

In contrast to Trudeau’s deceitful vows for electoral reform and his lack of any substantial actions after apologizing to the First Nations, the Green Party believes in genuine democratic reform with the demand of placing equal value on every vote and encouraging greater participation and voter turnout. First Nations need action, not words, and the Green Party will actually implement now the Truth and Reconciliation report’s recommendation, not just say that they will do it someday.

The Markham-Thornhill Member of Parliament candidate of the Green Party of Canada states, "As a Canadian HongKonger, I look forward to work with Annamie in the years to come, and I am proud to be part of Annamie's team."


For more information, please contact

Mimi Lee

Markham-Thornhill MP candidate of the Green Party of Canada


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