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Freedom, Human Rights & Public Interest: How should we view the Freedom Convoy of Canadian Truckers?

31 January 2022, Markham ON

Freedom is the foundation of Canada

In response to the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations happening across the country, I, Mimi Lee, condemn the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rerouted the focus to hate and further divide our country, and its administration uses all its power to suppress and vilify demonstrations against the government’s lead to impose mandates. This should not happen in a free country like Canada.

Furthermore, our government pressured GoFundMe (GFM) to remove the fundraising page and even called GFM for a hearing on how they can ensure how that money raised is being used. How is that a GFM issue? This is always the responsibility of the fund-raiser to show how the money is used, rather than the platform. Likewise, would you ask TD bank what Salvation Army’s raised fund is being used for?

A protester walks in front of parked trucks in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. - Mimi Lee
A protester walks in front of parked trucks in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. Photograph: Dave Chan/AFP/Getty Images

This is Human Rights: You have the decision for your own body

I support peaceful demonstrators of citizens, god’s given right for freedom to choose whether they want to take the COVID-19 experimental vaccine or not and not be treated differently due to various mandates such as deny entry, employment, health care access should they be uncomfortable to have a non-reversible medical procedure done to their bodies. Moreover, COVID vaccines never got proper approvals (only approved via fast-track, without proper clinical trials and experiments such as other vaccines). I am not an Anti-vaxxer, but I believe that everyone should have their own choice on their own bodies.

The idea of taxing or jailing unvaccinated people is inhumane.

There is recently a proposal when an unvaccinated patient is in the hospital because of Covid, the person has to pay a deductible (an affordable and reasonable amount such as triple the cost of the 3 dose COVID-19 vaccine regimen) for the medical bill. Is that fair? As everyone has already paid into the system when they file tax to cover basic healthcare cost. Then, should a smoker pay more, or someone without exercises pay more? That is dividing our country with discriminations.

Furthermore, we have to stop suppressing doctors who are attempting to provide early treatment to treat COVID-19 patients to reduce the amount of patients from hospitalization and death regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

The fact that a person chose to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, had already taken into the consideration of the risks, like who choose to smoke or drink pop like water.

Mimi Lee’s stance on the Freedom Convoy demonstrations

I always support peaceful demonstrations, the lawful constitutional rights written in the Canadian law. I call for the federal government to:

  • Step up and work with the States so that the vaccine mandate for cross border truckers can be dropped;

  • All provincial and territorial governments to follow Saskatchewan and Alberta and revisit their vaccine mandates, have them lifted as soon as possible so that we all can get back to our lives.

  • Stop any violence on peaceful demonstrators

Lastly, I’d like to remind ourselves, before we join any protests or sign any online petitions (a memorandum in this case), we need to make sure we know what intention is behind the action, and do our due diligence check before we show our support.



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