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Activist and Social Influencer Mimi Lee Announces the launch of her MP Candidacy campaign

Press Release

Markham, ON. - August 19th, 2021 - Let's Embrace and Elevate - This is the campaign vision of the Green Party Member of Parliament (MP) Candidate for the Markham-Thornhill riding, Mimi Lee. First and foremost an activist, Mimi has long been involved with human rights topics across Canada and Hong Kong, and has raised petitions that passed through the House of Commons with flying colours. As a single mum, she has also been involved with a non-profit that helps create opportunities and advancements in STEM industries specifically for underserved females. Mimi was also an author and a publisher of books and magazines.

“Canada should have a strong stance to show the world. Canada should shield Canadians’ human rights from foreign powers, strengthen our economy, and protect our environment and health. We should walk the walk, and that is what the Green Party and I are offering to every Canadian,” said Mimi Lee. “Let’s Embrace human rights and our environment, and Elevate our economy together. Together, we can make changes.”

Mimi’s main platform:

  • Embrace

    • Effective transit - introduce more resources to reform the public transit by maintaining and enhancing policies to encourage greener vehicles, and stop fossil fuel and oil industry subsidies. Together with building a practical mobility network in the York Region.

    • Healthcare Enhancement - protect the dignity of senior and youth that are medically in need, by including hearing aids and mental treatment into provincial healthcare plans

    • Stay Strong In Freedom - strengthen Canada’s manufacturing by subsidizing, stop relying on communist countries’ import and financial investment. Urge China to release “the two Michaels”, also to enhance assistance to youths in Hong Kong

  • Elevate

    • Better Integration of Immigrants - align the government, IRCC, business enterprises, and stakeholders, to standardize education credential and the acceptance of foreign experience, allowing immigrants to contribute effectively to our economy with their knowledge, skills and experience

    • COVID Recovery - more Canadian manufacturing means more job opportunities, stronger GDP and more sustainable economy

All of these are milestones to achieve human rights, green environment, and an economically strong Canada. There are more of Mimi’s platform, to know more and in details, please visit And, we are happy to schedule an interview for you with Mimi Lee.

Finally, as most of you may know, this election cycle will not be like the ones that came before it, not in the least because it will be taking place amidst a global pandemic. We face urgent climate issues, a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, and China continues to engage in hostage diplomacy. Our world is changing, not necessarily for the better. Sadly, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has not done enough to address the issues at hand, either on the national or international levels, and has in fact turned their attention away from the demands of their constituents. This is evident in Canada’s inability to reach climate targets, in the lack of action shown towards the cases of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, and in the dysfunctions within Canada’s healthcare system. Now more than ever, we need someone with passion, abilities, and shoulder to push into the green policies, social justice, and healthcare reform, and that is Mimi Lee and the Green Party.

- 30 -

For further information or one-on-one interview, please contact:

The campaign office of Mimi Lee, Green Party of Canada MP candidate for Markham-Thornhill


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